Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pisa, Italy (Part 3)

Tempat terakhir di Itali. Tempat tido kat Camping Village Torre Pendente. Jom tengok sikit pemandangan di camping site ni.

Dari camping site ni nak ke Pisa tak jauh. Tapi menapak la jugak. Kecik je kawasan nya. Tapi awesome la.

Meh baca la pasal Pisa;
  • The construction of the leaning tower of Pisa began in august 1173, but was interrupted several times by wars, debt and while engineers worked on solutions to correct the lean. Pisa Tower was eventually completed in the mid-1300s.
  • The purpose of Tower of Pisa was a touristic one from the beginning. The city of Pisa was at the beginning a simple Italian seaport. Its fame and power grew gradually over the years, as the people of Pisa were involved in various military conflicts and trade agreements. The Pisans attacked the city of Palermo on the island of Sicily in 1063. The attack was successful and the conquerors returned to Pisa with a great deal of treasure.
  • To show the world just how important the city was, the people of Pisa decided to build a great cathedral complex, the Field of Miracles. The plan included a cathedral, a baptistery, a bell tower (Tower of Pisa) and a cemetery.
Itu saja la, percutian di Italy. Esok nak ke tempat lain pulak, Switzerland. Excited youuu.